Always Prepared


Guy Eaker, Sr.


Is it true that former Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts make better fisherman because they are "always prepared?"

Actually, a key to good fishing success is how well you organize your tackle.  The morning of your fishing trip is not the time to start rummaging for your tackle.

If you fish several different lake or bodies of water, it is a good idea to have you lures and tackle sorted accordingly.  There are excellent tackle box systems available today that divide into several utility storage boxes.  These are not expensive systems.  Choose a couple of these tackle systems and divide lures for the clear water lakes versus the stained water.  Sort the trout, crappie, bass and panfish tackle accordingly.  Use a tape writer and mark each box.  Store Monofilament in a cool, dark place and lay plastic worms in the bright sunlight to restore either original color.