Boat Maintenance


Guy Eaker, Sr.


Your boat, like any other precision piece of fishing equipment, will perform better with a little care and maintenance.

A coat of good boat wax will not only keep it looking good, but will preserve the finish and prevent dirt and grime from absorbing into the fiberglass.  Once a good coat of paste wax is applied, an occasional touch up with Lemon Pledge will renew the finish.

Keep transducer faces clean and free of dust and buildup, especially if you trail over dirt or gravel roads.  Steel wool rubbed over the transducer will remove most grime.

Keep the trailer bearings greased, and tires inflated to recommended pressure.  Batteries will last longer if kept fully charged.  Clean the terminals regularly to prevent corrosion.  A boat cover will pay for itself in no time, if the boat is exposed to the weather.